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Dr. Twenge presents: “Parenting and Guiding the Smartphone Generation”

On April 2nd, the Elkhorn Public Schools district welcomed Dr. Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, for her presentation: “Parenting and Guiding the Smartphone Generation.” Following her insightful presentation, there was a panel composed of Dr. Twenge, Creighton Volleyball coach and EPS parent Kirsten Bernthal Booth, EPS high school counselor Martha Dowd, and several EPS students.

Dr. Twenge’s presentation highlighted the similarities and differences between the various generations, including Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1979), Millennials (1980-1994), Gen Z (1995-2012), and Alphas/Polars (2013-2029). She explained, “Generations happen because cultures change.” She noted that each generation has its own challenges. For current teens, the emergence and widespread use of smartphones and associated apps have had a significant impact on their mental health.

In an effort to guide parents of teens, she encouraged parents to prioritize sleep, enforce rules that keep kids safe, and reframe the smartphone, which means: “The smartphone needs to be a tool we use, not a tool that uses us,” said Dr. Twenge. 

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation funded this speaker through our Partnership & Alignment Committee. The goal of this committee is to be more aligned with the strategic goals of the school district. Other approved projects include a teacher cohort, middle school reading incentives, and high school engineering curriculum. 

“The smartphone needs to be a tool we use, not a tool that uses us,” said Dr. Twenge.