Alumni Spotlight: Irma Lamprecht

“The Graduation Party I Never Had”: Irma Harder Lamprecht, Class of 1944

Written by Lynn Lamprecht

Sections contributed by Ann Huddleston

On the evening of June 8th, at the Elkhorn Legion Club, Irma Harder Lamprecht was honored as the oldest living alumnus of Elkhorn High School and the last surviving member of the Elkhorn graduating class of 1944. 

A group of alumni puts together an Alumni Banquet each year honoring Elkhorn High School alumni. This year honored classes in attendance were from graduating years of 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969 and 1974.

Irma was born at her farm home located just north of 180th and Dodge on December 10, 1926, to Amanda and Max Harder. Irma was their only child.  

Irma attended District 48 Country School which was located 1 ½ miles south of their home on the corner of 180th and Pacific. From the age of five until graduating 8th grade, she walked to and from the country school.  When she was five years old, Dodge Street was under construction. A road worker would meet her every day, before and after school, to carry her across the street safely.

Irma attended Elkhorn High School when she was in 9th grade. In those days, they called daily attendance. She thought it was quite funny when the teacher called daily roll call, they first called Irma’s name and then the name of the next person in the alphabet who was Betty Hell, so it was Harder and Hell together every day.   Also, during winter months, Irma would stay at a family home in Elkhorn and return home on the weekends.

Irma graduated in 1944 with 25 individuals in her class, 13 boys and 12 girls. They did not have a formal graduation because of the war but instead each graduate got their picture taken with cap and gown. Twelve of the boys in her class were drafted into WWII and they left for war shortly after graduation. Happily, all 12 returned to Elkhorn safely when the war was over.

Irma attended one year of business school in Omaha and then worked for Union Pacific Railroad for three years. Her job was to track the car numbers on each train car and their location throughout the U.S.  

Irma married John Lamprecht in March 1947 and lived for two years on a farm located near Waterloo, NE. Later, the family moved to a farm near Gretna, NE where they raised five children.  It was a dairy farm where the cows were milked twice a day. She raised chickens and collected and sold the eggs. She performed all the routine daily activities as a farm wife but was also a leader of a 4-H club, participated in church circle, and other community activities. 

John and Irma moved off the farm in 1983, as the farm was sold to Tim and Jan Vala, who turned the farm into Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. Interestingly, their family home is still standing. Visitors to Vala’s might have already toured the home, remodeled into what is now known as the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Haunted Farmhouse!

After John passed away in 1995, Irma stayed on their acreage just north of Gretna for several years but later moved to Fremont where she currently lives in an assisted living facility.  

Along with her five children, Irma has 13 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren.  Family members love Irma for who she is but say her greatest asset is her ability to not pass judgment on anyone but rather accept everyone for who they are!  

When Irma was asked about being honored as the oldest Elkhorn alumnus, her response was “When I graduated, World War II was happening, and there was always the thought in the back of my mind of war.  The boys were drafted right away.  People did not think of the celebrations, as it was a serious time. The alumni banquet was the graduation party I never had.” 

Annual Alumni Banquet 2024

The 66th annual Alumni Banquet was held by a committee of Elkhorn alumni on June 8th to honor Elkhorn High School alumni. Honored class years of 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, and 1974 had members in attendance. It was a great evening of reconnecting, food, and conversations of how much Elkhorn has grown!

Golf Fore Grants 2024

Congratulations to General Fire & Safety our 2024 Golf Fore Grants Winners!

A group picture of the smiling General Fire & Safety foursome. They were the winning foursome of the event!

On Monday, June 3rd, we hosted our 25th Golf Fore Grants! It was a great event benefiting our Classroom Grants Program!

Melissa Lightle, the media specialist at Fire Ridge, explained the Foundation Classroom Grant program best: “We need materials to do fun things with the students, and we don’t always have the budget for them. The Foundation helps us support kids in the best way we can.”

Melissa is one of the 61 teachers who requested and were awarded a grant for the 2024-2025 school year. A few new and notable grants include welding TIG grinders, books for middle school Battle of the Books, middle school robotics equipment, audiobooks and ebooks at the various levels, a portable piano, and so much more. You can find a full list of approved 2024-2025 class grants by clicking here.

Elkhorn South High School teacher and robotics coach, Chris Peters, has been awarded a grant for several years for robotics materials. The robotics team at ENHS continues to grow every year, and Chris states, “The Foundation has been an absolute savior for us. The community is investing in kids getting their hands on technology.”

Funds raised through Golf Fore Grants and other Foundation fundraisers help to provide these beneficial materials for our students and teachers. They all are so appreciative of your generous donations to this program.

Scramble Winners

Flight 1:

1st place: (Pictured – not in order) Andy Knutson, Bobby Deleidi, Jason Bartling, & Jason McDonald (General Fire and Safety) – Winning Score of 55.

2nd place: Chris Bell, Bok Lee, Erica Lee, & Dave Patten (Bishop Business) – Winning Score of 56.

Flight 2:

1st place: (Pictured – not in order) Guy Jukes, Jake Jukes, Justin Grages, & Jay Landholm (Jukes Ale Works) – Winning Score of 61.

2nd place: Andrew Meyer, Brent Suing, Hailee Turner, & Matt Smith (BVH Architecture) – Winning Score of 61.

Flight 3:

1st place: (Pictured – not in order) Ben Williams, Gage Gibney, Jacob Butler, & Matt Sargent (Alvine Engineering) – Winning Score of 68.

2nd place: Casey Hansen, Kendra Ringenberg, Kyle Mogelson, Matt Willburn (Kendra Ringenberg foursome) – Winning Score of 68.

Pin Prize Winners:

Hole #1: Closet to Pin Two Shots – Derrick Fitton

Hole #3: Closet to Pin in One Shot – Colin Daro

Hole # 6: Longest Drive in Fairway – Scot Ringenberg

Hole #9: Longest Putt – Jay Potter

Hole #15: Closet to Pin in Two Shots – Bill Boggy

Hole #17: Longest Putt Made – Kyle Ringenberg

Hole #18: Longest Drive in Lower Fairway – Matthew Raymond

Golf Poker Winners:

Golfers standing in line to get their poker cards scored.

1st place: Matt Willburn (5 high straight – Ace Played)

2nd place: Bok Lee (3 Aces with a King Kicker)

3rd place: Kyle Ringenberg (3 Kings)

Other Winners:

Raffle Winner: Penny Rohl

Putting Green Contest: Morgan Stanley Foursome

“Hit the Circle” Winner: Dillon Schutte

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Event Pictures

Thank you to our 2024 Golf Fore Grants Sponsors!

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