2024 EHS Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

EHS Band Booster Scholarship

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation recognized our Elkhorn High School scholarship winners at our Scholarship Recognition Ceremony on April 25th, 2024.

The scholarship recipients should be immensely proud of the hard work that has led them to their accomplishments! Your determination, organization, and commitment will take you far in life. Congratulations from the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation, Elkhorn High School, the scholarship selection committees, and our scholarship donors!

Community-Funded Scholarships

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation currently administers 125 unique scholarships on the behalf of Elkhorn families, businesses, and organizations. During ceremonies, the Foundation awarded 212 community-funded scholarships worth $307,800 to Elkhorn Public Schools’ seniors! We are extremely grateful for our scholarship donors, our scholarship representatives, and our 112 volunteer selection committees who partner with the Foundation to provide these great scholarship opportunities for our Elkhorn students!

Community-Funded Scholarship Winners at EHS

Arbor View Elementary Alumni ScholarshipMcKenzie Carlson
Barbara McLaughlin Memorial ScholarshipKaleb Johnson
“Braver Than You Believe” ScholarshipMakailey Beekman
Career Focus Initiative ScholarshipMitchell Timm
Carl Riley Brodersen Memorial Baseball ScholarshipRyan Ellison
Carl Riley Brodersen Memorial Football ScholarshipSamuel Leinen
Carl Riley Brodersen Memorial Softball ScholarshipMya Larsen
Carol S. Schlosser Memorial ScholarshipPaulina Fomicheva
Class of 1961 Memorial ScholarshipAnnabelle Hensley
Class of 1961 Memorial ScholarshipAva Kumagai
Core Bank Cares ScholarshipMya Larsen
Dennis Curtis – Class of ’64 ScholarshipMitchell Timm
Don & Judith Petersen Family ScholarshipMakailey Beekman
Don & Judith Petersen Family ScholarshipSamuel Leinen
Don & Judith Petersen Family ScholarshipEmma Lorenson
Don & Judith Petersen Family ScholarshipMara Love
Don & Judith Petersen Family ScholarshipAaliyaha Maxwell
EHS Achieving with Resilience & Perseverance: GRIT ScholarshipLuke Howard
EHS Achieving with Resilience & Perseverance: GRIT ScholarshipAaliyaha Maxwell
EHS Band Booster ScholarshipMarielle Cruz
EHS English Department Recognition ScholarshipEmma Lorenson
Elkhorn Athletic Association ScholarshipBridget Schnoor
Elkhorn Athletic Association ScholarshipGil Schroeder
Elkhorn Historical Society ScholarshipPaulina Fomicheva
Elkhorn Kids Campus Employee ScholarshipMason Beister
Elkhorn Kids Campus Former Student ScholarshipGil Schroeder
Elkhorn Lawn Care Entrepreneur ScholarshipNathan Roberts
Elkhorn Lions Club Arnold Fencl ScholarshipMitchell Timm
Elkhorn Middle School Booster Club ScholarshipPaulina Fomicheva
Elkhorn Middle School Booster Club ScholarshipChristopher Wickham
Elkhorn Public Library Foundation High School ScholarshipSrimathi Balakrishnan
Elkhorn Swim Team Booster Club ScholarshipElla Greenfield
Elkhorn Swim Team Booster Club ScholarshipGavin Visser
Elkhorn Volunteer Rescue ScholarshipAva Kumagai
Elkhorn Youth Sports Association Elite Basketball ScholarshipMackenzie Warden
Ella M. Barnes Achievement in Academics ScholarshipMarielle Cruz
EPS Alumni ScholarshipMya Larsen
Fire Ridge Elementary PTO ScholarshipKylie Reverts
Future Educator ScholarshipDarla Crews
Gene & Ruth Kruger Girls Basketball Memorial ScholarshipAyshia Prince
Hillrise Elementary PTO ScholarshipMara Love
Horizons ScholarshipZoe Heithoff
Horizons ScholarshipSabine Worner
J.D. Heiskell & Co. Agriculture ScholarshipEthan Walters
Jacob Ferguson Memorial Tennis ScholarshipKaito Hoori
Legacy Eyecare ScholarshipLogan Kieckhafer
Legacy Eyecare ScholarshipGrant Spanel
Margretta, Gladys & Mabel Hamann Memorial ScholarshipMadysen Geislar
Margretta, Gladys & Mabel Hamann Memorial ScholarshipAaliyaha Maxwell
Nate Pullen Memorial ScholarshipEmily Frain
Nathan Waggoner Memorial ScholarshipThomas Strohman
pARTners ScholarshipMcKenzie Carlson
pARTners ScholarshipJonah LaGrange
Philip E. Lawler Memorial ScholarshipAddie Reser
Powers Automotive Technical Career ScholarshipAndrew Sutton
Rick Christmas Memorial ScholarshipGil Schroeder
Secondhand Support, Inc. ScholarshipZoe Heithoff
Terry & Paulette Peters Memorial ScholarshipAntonio Garces
Vic Porter Memorial ScholarshipLuke Howard
West Dodge Station Elementary PTO ScholarshipMarielle Cruz
West O Chamber ScholarshipTannor McColly
Western Douglas County Rotary Club ScholarshipMason Beister
Westridge Elementary PTO ScholarshipMcKenzie Carlson
William Patton Science ScholarshipZoe Heithoff
Wortman/Bacus Commitment to Excellence ScholarshipSamuel Leinen
Wortman/Bacus Commitment to Excellence ScholarshipMason Villwok
Wyatt Tobin Memorial Nursing ScholarshipAvery Ellis

EPSF ACHIEVE Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship

We are excited to announce the new ACHIEVE Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship. Students must complete coursework in one Career & Technical Education Program of Focus, and complete a multitude of Career Exploration Experiences, Extra-Curricular Activities, and Community Service. For the inaugural year, the Foundation is awarding 32 ACHIEVE CTE Scholarships worth $35,050.

EPSF ACHIEVE Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship Winners at EHS

EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipAnnabelle Hensley
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipKaito Hoori
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipTannor McColly

EPSF ACHIEVE Advanced Placement (AP) Scholarships

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation ACHIEVE Advanced Placement (AP) Scholarship has a long standing history in the Elkhorn Public Schools District. This scholarship rewards students who challenge themselves by taking 4 or more AP classes and are actively involved in their school and community. This year the Foundation is awarding 214 ACHIEVE AP Scholarships totaling $226,000.

EPSF ACHIEVE Scholarship Winners at EHS

EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipFatma Akkaya
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEvan Auel
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSrimathi Balakrishnan
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMason Beister
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipRylee Bruno
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipBrayden Burkman
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipGiulianna Capocci
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMcKenzie Carlson
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLawson Clevenger
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipDarla Crews
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMarielle Cruz
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipHaya Dababneh
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipBianca Dillon
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAlyssa DiNapoli
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMatthew Faltas
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipPaulina Fomicheva
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAshley Formo
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEmily Frain
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipRyan Frazell
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAntonio Garces
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKeira Harries
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKatherine Heinzen
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAnnabelle Hensley
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKaito Hoori
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKarlie Janousek
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKaleb Johnson
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLogan Kieckhafer
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEllyse Kosak
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAva Kumagai
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJonah LaGrange
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSamuel Leinen
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMara Love
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipTannor McColly
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKashif Nazmul
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipClaire Nuismer
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipCole Petersen
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAyshia Prince
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipElla Prince
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAddie Reser
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKylie Reverts
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipNathan Roberts
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipBridget Schnoor
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipGrant Spanel
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipThomas Strohman
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMaKenna Villwok
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMason Villwok
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipGavin Visser
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipChristopher Wickham

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