Scoreboard Partnership

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation has recently donated funds to the Elkhorn Public School District for the purchase of a brand new, all digital scoreboard for the Elkhorn Public Schools District Football Stadium. For the first time, the Elkhorn Public Schools District is allowing local businesses to advertise on its stadium scoreboard during athletic competitions.  The Foundation has created the Sponsorship Advertising Partnership Program to provide advertising opportunities for local business to get their brand in front of a rapidly growing school district with a high-impact advertising fan experience in the key Elkhorn demographic area.

Currently, the Elkhorn Stadium is a shared facility between Elkhorn High and Elkhorn South High Schools, and it will be used by Elkhorn North High School beginning in August of 2020. The facility is widely used by our schools making your advertising investment highly visible. The scoreboard will also be utilized as a teaching tool in classrooms at all three high schools. The intersection of advertising, graphic design, computer software, and media production makes this a valuable learning opportunity for Elkhorn students.

Please consider partnering with us! Proceeds from the Sponsorship Advertising Partnership Program will help fund Elkhorn Public Schools District’s classroom technology needs and programs such as before and after school Math and Reading Intervention programs. Your support will help us grow our programs and launch new initiatives that are responsive to the needs of the Elkhorn Public School District and its 10,000+ students!

If you are interested in getting more information about our scoreboard sponsorship packages, please call 402-289-1727, or email Stacey Falk at We are thankful for all the support we’ve received from the community over the past 35 years, and we hope to include you as one of our future scoreboard partners! 

Scoreboard Package Brochure

Advertising Specifications