2020 ESHS Scholarship Winners

Join us in congratulating all of the 2020 Elkhorn South High School seniors who received Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation scholarships this year! A big THANK YOU to Dwyer Photography for helping capture this important moment for our graduating seniors and their families!

Class motto: “Let us keep climbing ever higher, never fearing the step that is next, for our goal is in our grasp, just beyond our hopes and dreams.” -Thomas M. Smith

Message to our 2020 Scholarship Winners:

Pieces of the last year of your high school experience are missing; hanging out with friends, going to prom, participating in spring extra-curricular activities, and the excitement of the last few weeks of high school. The disappointment is fresh, but it will gradually fade as you embark on a whole new journey. Hopefully, some day you will look back at your experience, and you will see that it better prepared you for your future. It is easy to do things as they have always been done, but to challenge yourself to do things differently and adapt to a rapidly changing reality, those are skills that will help you succeed wherever your life journey takes you. Let this experience give you strength to go out into the world, and as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Congratulations to the 2020 Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation’s Scholarship Winners from Elkhorn South High School:

ACHIEVE Gold Scholarship: Katelyn Aksyonov, Ananya Amarnath, Reese Baltzell, Grace Barker, Tyler Bean, Calen Bernbeck, Hannah Berryman, Lexiss Booth, Miriam Call, Evan Clement, Isabella Crisman, Alexander Eischeid, Alayna Emsick, Skyler Evans, Elizabeth Flynn, Natalie Fulton, Carly Gove, Daniel Guenther, Pyper Haarala, Arabella Hodges, Eliza Kawa, Joseph Kirshenbaum, Catherine Lembree, Jonathan Li, Claire Lortz, Claire Lyons, Derek Madden, Halle Mallum, Smaran Marupudi, Lauren Mayo, Ella Moore, Gracie Morrison, Maxwell Mosser, William Nixon, Joshua Oarhe, Jonathan Paradis, Julia Patterson, Ellen Payne, Paul Pechous, Cole Peterson, Maria Reger, Nathaniel Robinson, Abigail Robitaille, Ally Schilmoeller, Sarah Shatel, Avery Spyers, Jonathan Stienike, Dylan Sturdivant, John Svoboda, Carson Swartzbaugh, Caleb Via, & Zoe Zingler

ACHIEVE Silver Scholarship: McKenzie Brady, Michael Day, Joseph Dickmeyer, Ibinye-Olivia Green, Brendan Groth, Nicholas Groth, Payton Grove, Paige Hunt, Alexa Jankuski, Kennnedy Kalvoda, Connor Legband, Austin Lohr, Mia Lutt, Matthew Perkes, Jordyn Peterson, Cole Svensen, Madison Taylor, Bailey Vance, Faith Wanninger, Emily Weedon, Jackson Wohlenhaus, Austin Woolfolk & Kaitlyn Zinnel

ACHIEVE Bronze Scholarship: Ty Beckwith, Samantha Clausen, Sabrina Gates, Cole Gideon, Peyton Hardy, Avery Millard, Macy Mollring, Camryn Pederson, Bailey Scott, Yutika Singh, Lauren Tracy & Grant Woosley

Becky Vinchur Scholarship: Olivia Ryan

Building Independent Futures Scholarship: Christian Anderson, Elizabeth Austin, Zachary Barnhart, Christina Chase, Gabriela Giacalone, Carson Parry & Michael Raffel

Career Focus Initiative Scholarship: Nicholas Wageman

Don Nordlund Scholarship: Eliza Kawa

Dr. Harriet Bluford Memorial Scholarship: Paul Pechous

Dr. Michelle Bluford Music Scholarship: Miriam Call

ESHS Band Booster Scholarship: Jackson Wohlenhaus

ESHS Boys Basketball Booster Scholarship: Maxwell Mosser

ESHS Boys Soccer Booster Club Scholarship: Matthew Perkes & John Svoboda

ESHS Football Booster Club Scholarship: Connor Legband & Colin McDonald

ESHS Football Futures Scholarship: Caden Ballard & Jonathan Paradis

ESHS Girls Soccer Booster Club Scholarship: Grace Barker & Julia Patterson

ESHS Outstanding Senior Student Award: Julia Patterson & Paul Pechous

ESHS Volleyball Booster Scholarship: Ibinye-Olivia Green

ESHS Wrestling Booster Scholarship: Nicholas Groth

Elkhorn American Legion Post #211 Baseball Scholarship: Ty Beckwith

Elkhorn Athletic Association Scholarship: Grace Barker & Connor Legband

Elkhorn Historical Society Scholarship: Carson Swartzbaugh

Elkhorn Kids Campus Employee Scholarship: Joseph Dickmeyer

Elkhorn Kids Campus Former Student Scholarship: Grant Woosley

Elkhorn Lawn Care Entrepreneur Scholarship: Sean Mooney

Elkhorn Lions Club – Arnold Fencl Scholarship: Michael Raffel

Elkhorn Optimist Club Scholarship: Paul Pechous

Elkhorn Public Library Foundation High School Scholarship: Payton Grove & Adam Haughawout

Elkhorn Ridge Middle School Booster Club Scholarship: Alexander Eischeid & Julia Patterson

Elkhorn South Choral Arts Booster Scholarship: Ella Moore & Cole Svensen

Elkhorn South Senior Class Board Legacy Scholarship: Jerran Henry & Charles “Kai” Skrivan

Elkhorn Trap Scholarship: Evan Clement

Elkhorn Valley View Middle School Booster Club Scholarship: Avery Millard & William Nixon

Elkhorn Volunteer Rescue Scholarship: Alexis Michalski

Elkhorn/Waterloo Area American Legion Post #211 Scholarship: Nathaniel Robinson

Excellence in Action Scholarship: Paul Pechous & Charles “Kai” Skrivan

Fire Ridge Elementary PTO Scholarship: Pyper Haarala & Carson Swartzbaugh

G.E.A.R.S. Car Club – Gary Markmann Memorial Scholarship: Michael Raffel

George A. & Mary W. Buck Memorial Scholarship: Paul Pechous

John Greufe Memorial Scholarship: Julia Patterson

Kayla Wilkins Memorial Scholarship: Julia Patterson

Kevin Riggert Scholarship: Sabrina Gates

Legacy Eyecare Scholarship: Skyler Evans & Julia Patterson

Margretta, Gladys and Mabel Hamann Memorial Scholarship: Abla Sandra Agbaglo

Mary Kaye Eggers Memorial Scholarship: Paul Pechous

Meridian Clinical Research Healthcare Career Scholarship: Camryn Pederson

Nate Pullen Memorial Scholarship: Austin Lohr

Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Health & Wellness Scholarship: Jonathan Paradis

Nicole Canine Memorial Scholarship: Johanna Epp & Ethan Murphy

Philip E. Lawler Memorial Scholarship: Arabella Hodges

Secondhand Support, Inc. Scholarship: Alayna Emsick

Skyline Elementary PTO Scholarship: Daniel Guenther

Spring Ridge Elementary PTO Scholarship: Cole Gideon

Stormin’ Antlers Swim Booster Club Scholarship: Paige Hunt & Paul Pechous

Tom Roach Memorial Scholarship: Grace Barker

Trent Tiller Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Wageman

West O Chamber Scholarship: Cole Svensen

Western Douglas County Rotary Scholarship: Alexis Michalski