2020 EHS Scholarship Winners

Join us in congratulating all of the 2020 Elkhorn High School seniors who received Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation scholarships this year! A big THANK YOU to Dwyer Photography for helping capture this important moment for our graduating seniors and their families!

Class motto: “Do all the other things, the ambitious things– travel, get rich, get famous, innovate, lead, fall in love, make and lose fortunes… but as you do, to the extent that you can, err in the direction of kindness.” -George Saunders

Message to our 2020 Scholarship Winners:

Pieces of the last year of your high school experience are missing; hanging out with friends, going to prom, participating in spring extra-curricular activities, and the excitement of the last few weeks of high school. The disappointment is fresh, but it will gradually fade as you embark on a whole new journey. Hopefully, some day you will look back at your experience, and you will see that it better prepared you for your future. It is easy to do things as they have always been done, but to challenge yourself to do things differently and adapt to a rapidly changing reality, those are skills that will help you succeed wherever your life journey takes you. Let this experience give you strength to go out into the world, and as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Congratulations to the 2020 Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation’s Scholarship Winners from Elkhorn High School:

ACHIEVE Gold Scholarship: Taylor Adams, Ella Barnes, Alexander Bashara, Samuel Beard, Mackormick Boekhout, Meg Carney, Bryson Cash, Sydney Cole, Payton Cooley, Emma Crouch, Madison Dragoo, Elise Evans, Alex George, Jackson Habrock, Alexis Harper, Parker Harrahill, Macy Holtam, Daniel Hudson, Evan C. Johnson, Jason LaFleur, Cassandra Leyda, Anna McCaslin, Aislin McClarnon, Cassie Miller, Josah Mills, Nicholas Moresette, Abygail Myers, Josephine Nichols, Blaise Pecquet, Ben Pentico, Caden Rinn, Robert Schultz, Caden Schutte, Bhavana Sunil, Eden Thompson, Madison Thurber, Katie Tran, Ella Turley, Madison VanWyngarden, Ethan Visser, Ethan Webster & James Wickless                                            

ACHIEVE Silver Scholarship: Lauren Anderson, Kyler Beekman, Aidan Bertucci, Cecilia Bryson, Claire Burford, Dane Christensen, Mikaela Christensen, Rhegan Coughlin, Easton Dippel, Jayden Ericson, Allison Frain, Andrew Georgi, Aubrianna Gerdes, Alexandria Gilbert, Morgan Habrock, Clay Hendricks, Dylan Hudgins, Evan P. Johnson, Grace Lamski, Madison Meehan, Katiya Melcher, Adam Meyer, Elena Newby, Jessie Richmond, Sarah Riddell, Sofia Safi, Sydney Spanel, Livia Steskal, Katherine Swanson, Ashtyn Tridle, Raegan Young, Duncan Yungtum & Melissa Zabel

ACHIEVE Bronze Scholarship: Maria Antony, Brittain Bauer, Dillon Huff, Justin Kreutzian & Aedan Leahy

Barbara McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship: Payton Cooley

“Braver Than You Believe” Scholarship: Ryan Schmutz

Carl Riley Brodersen Memorial Baseball Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

Carl Riley Brodersen Memorial Football Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

Carl Riley Brodersen Memorial Softball Scholarship: Payton Cooley

Carol S. Schlosser Memorial Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

Class of 1961 Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Murphy

Dennis Curtis – Class of ’64 Scholarship: Shawn Shackelford

Don Petersen Family Scholarship: Dane Christensen, Abigail Dallegge, Alexis Harper & Ben Pentico

Edna Mae Bonney Memorial Scholarship: Emma Crouch

EHS Achieving with Resilience & Perseverance (GRIT Scholarship): Cassandra Leyda & Brody Lubbers

EHS Band Booster Scholarship: Eden Thompson

Elkhorn American Legion Post #211 Baseball Scholarship: Trey Frahm

Elkhorn Athletic Association Scholarship: Kyler Beekman & Payton Cooley

Elkhorn Grandview Middle School Booster Club Scholarship: Grace Lamski & Ethan Webster

Elkhorn Historical Society Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

Elkhorn Kids Campus Employee Scholarship: Shawn Shackelford

Elkhorn Kids Campus Former Student Scholarship: Madison VanWyngarden

Elkhorn Lawn Care Entrepreneur Scholarship: Duncan Yungtum

Elkhorn Lions Club – Arnold Fencl Scholarship: Aidan Hearty

Elkhorn Middle School Booster Club Scholarship: Ella Turley

Elkhorn Optimist Club Scholarship: Meg Carney

Elkhorn Public Library Foundation High School Scholarship: Aubrianna Gerdes & Josephine Nichols

Elkhorn Trap Scholarship: Clay Hendricks

Elkhorn Volunteer Rescue Scholarship: Morgan Habrock

Elkhorn Youth Sports Association Attack Basketball Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

Elkhorn Youth Sports Association Elite Basketball Scholarship: Madison Meehan

Gina Cyza Memorial Scholarship: Sydney Spanel

Hillrise Elementary PTO Scholarship: Jackson Habrock

J.D. Heiskell & Co. Agriculture Scholarship: Joshua Karls

Judith Petersen Family Memorial Scholarship: Emma Crouch, Alex George, Jason LaFleur, Alyssa Murphy, Isabelle Oestmann & Ella Turley

Lamski Family Young Women’s STEM Scholarship: Madison VanWyngarden

Legacy Eyecare Scholarship: Madison VanWyngarden & Ethan Visser

Liz Dolph Memorial Scholarship: Sydney Spanel

Manchester Elementary PTO Scholarship: Sydney Cole & Madison VanWyngarden

Margretta, Gladys and Mabel Hamann Memorial Scholarship: Gabriel Butler

Nate Pullen Memorial Scholarship: Ben Furstenberg

Nathan Waggoner Memorial Scholarship: Morgan Habrock

Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Health & Wellness Scholarship: Grace Lamski

Nick Alfrey Memorial Scholarship: Madison Meehan

Noerrlinger/Kruger Award: Payton Cooley & Jackson Habrock

pARTners Scholarship: Andrew Georgi & Raegan Young

Philip E. Lawler Memorial Scholarship: Ella Barnes

Powers Automotive Technical Career Scholarship: Caden Ward

Rick Christmas Memorial Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

Secondhand Support, Inc. Scholarship: Duncan Yungtum

Skylar Elizabeth Hunter Memorial Scholarship: Meg Carney, Payton Cooley, Rhegan Coughlin, Abigail Dallegge, Madison Dragoo, Aubrianna Gerdes, Alexandria Gilbert, Lilian Green, Morgan Habrock, Alexis Harper, Dylan Hudgins, Evan C. Johnson, Grace Lamski, Adam Meyer, Nicholas Moresette, Alyssa Murphy, Abygail Myers, Blaise Pecquet, Ryan Schmutz, Katherine Swanson, Eden Thompson, Alexis Thomsen, Madison Thurber, Ashtyn Tridle, Madison VanWyngarden, Ethan Webster & Raegan Young

Steve Kroymann Memorial Scholarship: Joshua Karls

Stormin’ Antlers Swim Booster Club Scholarship: Bryson Cash & Sydney Cole

The Ramsbottom Scholarship of Distinction: Madison VanWyngarden

Vic Porter Memorial Scholarship: Kyler Beekman

West Dodge Station Elementary PTO Scholarship: Alexandria Gilbert

West O Chamber Scholarship: Alyssa Murphy

Western Douglas County Rotary Scholarship: Josephine Nichols

Westridge Elementary PTO Scholarship: Sydney Spanel

William Patton Science Scholarship: Daniel Hudson

Wortman/Bacus Commitment to Excellence Scholarship: Kyler Beekman & Logan Macumber