2024 ENHS Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

Legacy Eyecare Scholarship

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation recognized our Elkhorn North High School scholarship winners at our Scholarship Recognition Ceremony on April 24th, 2024.

The scholarship recipients should be immensely proud of the hard work that has led them to their accomplishments! Your determination, organization, and commitment will take you far in life. Congratulations from the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation, Elkhorn North High School, the scholarship selection committees, and our scholarship donors!

Community-Funded Scholarships

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation currently administers 125 unique scholarships on the behalf of Elkhorn families, businesses, and organizations. During ceremonies, the Foundation awarded 212 community-funded scholarships worth $307,800 to Elkhorn Public Schools’ seniors! We are extremely grateful for our scholarship donors, our scholarship representatives, and our 112 volunteer selection committees who partner with the Foundation to provide these great scholarship opportunities for our Elkhorn students!

Community-Funded Scholarship Winners at ENHS

Antler Class of 1961 ENHS ScholarshipSelah Halweg
Antler Class of 1961 ENHS ScholarshipAva Spies
Big Al – The Tank ScholarshipAusten Shirley
Edna Mae Bonney Memorial ScholarshipAva Spies
Elkhorn Athletic Association ScholarshipQuinn Carney
Elkhorn Athletic Association ScholarshipBrock Marler
Elkhorn Grandview Middle School Booster Club ScholarshipEllen Owen
Elkhorn Grandview Middle School Booster Club ScholarshipEva Reinoehl
Elkhorn Grandview Middle School Booster Club ScholarshipEli Shada
Elkhorn Historical Society ScholarshipQuinn Carney
Elkhorn Kids Campus Employee ScholarshipAbby Lindquist
Elkhorn Kids Campus Former Student ScholarshipEllie Wagner
Elkhorn Lawn Care Entrepreneur ScholarshipTommy Meckna Jr.
Elkhorn Lions Club Arnold Fencl ScholarshipMya Bauer
Elkhorn North Boys Soccer ScholarshipGavin Dickerson
Elkhorn North Boys Soccer ScholarshipBenjamin Sullivan
Elkhorn North Cross Country Booster Club ScholarshipEllen Owen
Elkhorn North Cross Country Booster Club ScholarshipJakob Sullivan
Elkhorn North Golf Booster Club ScholarshipCole Dryak
Elkhorn North Golf Booster Club ScholarshipJulia Karmazin
Elkhorn North Golf Booster Club ScholarshipSharlan Skrupa
Elkhorn North High Band Booster ScholarshipLacy Mehaffey
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipSamuel Eckstrom
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipEmma Hartnett
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipAva Johnson
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipColin McMahon
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipJayse Munter
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipSharlan Skrupa
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipKaitlyn Wagner
Elkhorn North Vocal Music Boosters ScholarshipEmma Willcoxon
Elkhorn North Volleyball Booster Club ScholarshipAva Spies
Elkhorn Public Library Foundation High School ScholarshipSydney Dallegge
Elkhorn Swim Team Booster Club ScholarshipEva Reinoehl
Elkhorn Swim Team Booster Club ScholarshipIsabella Thoreen
Elkhorn Volunteer Rescue ScholarshipAva Spies
ENHS Achieving with Resilience & Perseverance: GRIT ScholarshipConner Lindquist
ENHS Achieving with Resilience & Perseverance: GRIT ScholarshipJeriah Station
ENHS Boys Bowling Booster Club ScholarshipJayse Munter
ENHS Football Booster Club ScholarshipBrock Marler
ENHS Football Futures ScholarshipSam Thomas
ENHS Girls Bowling Booster Club ScholarshipMallory Ringenberg
ENHS Girls Soccer Booster Club ScholarshipQuinn Carney
ENHS Girls Soccer Booster Club ScholarshipAva Spies
ENHS Girls Tennis Booster Club ScholarshipGrace Jesske
ENHS Softball Booster ScholarshipAshlyn Caniglia
ENHS Softball Booster ScholarshipKoral Jarzynka
EPS Alumni ScholarshipSharlan Skrupa
Gina Cyza Memorial ScholarshipMya Hibbard
J.D. Heiskell & Co. Agriculture ScholarshipHailey Hearn
J.D. Heiskell & Co. Agriculture ScholarshipSophia Hill
Jeff Horeis Memorial Soccer ScholarshipPreston Gordman
Jeff Horeis Memorial Soccer ScholarshipKeighlin Leth
Kayla Wilkins Memorial ScholarshipAdam Olijnek
Legacy Eyecare ScholarshipEllie Cannon
Legacy Eyecare ScholarshipQuinn Carney
Manchester Elementary PTO ScholarshipEva Reinoehl
Manchester Elementary PTO ScholarshipEmma Willcoxon
Philip E. Lawler Memorial ScholarshipAustin Allen
Run for Kindness ScholarshipQuinn Carney
Sagewood Elementary PTO ScholarshipCaleb Coe
Sagewood Elementary PTO ScholarshipAlyssa Stone
Sam Osborn Memorial ScholarshipReily Miller
Steve Kroymann Memorial ScholarshipChristopher Thiessen
The Ramsbottom Scholarship of DistinctionEmma Hartnett
West Dodge Station Elementary PTO ScholarshipJack Sinnott
West O Chamber ScholarshipJulia McGill
Western Douglas County Rotary Club ScholarshipEmma Willcoxon
Wright Sisters’ Cheer ScholarshipColby Driever

EPSF ACHIEVE Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship

We are excited to announce the new ACHIEVE Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship. Students must complete coursework in one Career & Technical Education Program of Focus, and complete a multitude of Career Exploration Experiences, Extra-Curricular Activities, and Community Service. For the inaugural year, the Foundation is awarding 32 ACHIEVE CTE Scholarships worth $35,050.

EPSF ACHIEVE Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship Winners at ENHS

EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipPeyton Collins
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipMya Hibbard
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipKeighlin Leth
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipAddyson Maxell
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipLacy Mehaffey
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipRyan Mensch
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipAdam Olijnek
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipFiona Quigley
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipTaylor Ruma
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipEli Shada
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipJakob Sullivan
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipAliza Syed
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipBrandon Urbano
EPSF ACHIEVE CTE ScholarshipIsabel Warren

EPSF ACHIEVE Advanced Placement (AP) Scholarships

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation ACHIEVE Advanced Placement (AP) Scholarship has a long standing history in the Elkhorn Public Schools District. This scholarship rewards students who challenge themselves by taking 4 or more AP classes and are actively involved in their school and community. This year the Foundation is awarding 214 ACHIEVE AP Scholarships totaling $226,000.

EPSF ACHIEVE Scholarship Winners at ENHS

EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAustin Allen
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJayla Alvarez
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipYasmin Binte Sharil
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLogan Bird
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipReese Booth
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipDelaney Briganti
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLuke Butler
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEllie Cannon
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipQuinn Carney
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipCourtney Christo
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipCaleb Coe
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipPeyton Collins
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipRyan Cooney
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSydney Dallegge
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipColby Driever
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAllyson Dutoit
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAllyson Dworak
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSamuel Eckstrom
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAidan Ettleman
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMacy Falconer
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipTyson Fancher
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipPreston Gordman
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipCourtney Hagestad
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSelah Halweg
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMadeleine Harrison
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEmma Hartnett
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipOwen Hess
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMya Hibbard
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSophia Hill
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAmanda Hoffman
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipCamryn Jacobsmeier
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKoral Jarzynka
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipGrace Jesske
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAva Johnson
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipArnav Karki
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJulia Karmazin
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAidan Kloster
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLucia Krings
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKeighlin Leth
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKallie Lindquist
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLilly Loghry
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJoshua Longua
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipOliver Lucoff
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMurphy Maloney
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipBrock Marler
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAnna Martin
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipColin McMahon
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLacy Mehaffey
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipRyan Mensch
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSophia Messineo
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipTristan Monaghan-Sova
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJayse Munter
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMcKenna Murphy
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipLogan Nguyen
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAdam Olijnek
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEllen Owen
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipFiona Quigley
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEva Reinoehl
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipMallory Ringenberg
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipTaylor Ruma
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEli Shada
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJack Sinnott
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSharlan Skrupa
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAva Spies
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipJeriah Station
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSamantha Stern
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipSydney Stodden
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAlyssa Stone
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipAliza Syed
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipBrandon Urbano
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEllie Wagner
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipKaylee Warnsing
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipIsabel Warren
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEmi Wesselmann
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipCaden Wieseman
EPSF ACHIEVE AP ScholarshipEmma Willcoxon

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