2022 End-of-Year Giving Campaign

Help fund Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation Programs by making a contribution to our End-of-Year Giving Campaign!

With your support, we are able to fund impactful programs including Classroom Grants, Scholarships, Math & Reading Assistance, Teacher Tuition Reimbursement, and more. Please read about our programs below.

Classroom Grants

We enrich the classroom experience of Elkhorn Public School students by providing multiple grants to all 20 schools in the District, impacting students at every grade level.

Scholarship Program

We administer scholarships on behalf of community businesses, families, and organizations in addition to funding the Achieve Scholarship Program. These scholarships have benefited thousands of Elkhorn Public Schools’ graduating seniors.

“Being rewarded for the hard work done during my time as a high schooler in Elkhorn is greatly appreciated. The ACHIEVE Scholarship gave me something to work toward that fueled my motivation in my AP classes.” -2022 Elkhorn South High School Graduate & EPSF Scholarship Recipient

Kids in Need

We provide financial assistance to Elkhorn families in need, ensuring financial hardships do not stand in the way of our students’ physical, social, and emotional needs or their ability to achieve success within our schools.

Math & Reading Assistance

We fund the extra hours that our Elkhorn teachers spend outside their school day assisting hundreds of elementary school students who need extra assistance in math and reading comprehension. This includes before and after-school math & reading clubs.

“At first I didn’t think that my child would want to attend Math Club, but he LOVES it!  I have seen such improvement in the work he is doing!” -Emily Penry

Teacher Tuition Reimbursement

We encourage our Elkhorn teachers and teacher assistants to prioritize their continued education by providing partial tuition reimbursement. The Foundation provides thousands of dollars in tuition reimbursement every year.

The Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes student achievement and the unity of our community and its public schools by encouraging, supporting, and recognizing excellence in innovative education, quality school programs, and civic involvement.