How do I register?

You can pick up a packet at the Elkhorn Public School Foundation Office or email your home address to awhorlow@epsne.org and the program director will mail a packet to you.

Can I register my child if he/she is not 5?

We are licensed to care for children ages 5 through 12 and focus on providing a quality program for children of these ages. We cannot accept registrations for children younger than 5.

What do I do if my child will be absent?

Please call or text your site director if your child will not be attending the program. This enables us to ensure that each child arrives at EKC safely. You may leave a message on the site director’s phone.

Do I need to sign my child in/out?

An authorized person must always sign in/out each child at EKC. Parents are not allowed to call the site and request that their child walk home. Our policies are designed to keep your children safe; thank you for your cooperation.

Do I need to sign up for care on consolidation days (when school is out)?

Yes, you must pre-register for consolidation days; sign-up sheets will be available at site approximately two weeks before a consolidation day. If you sign up for a consolidation day and choose to make other arrangements for care or your child is sick, we will be unable to refund the tuition.

Do I need to fill out the Tuition Express form if I plan to use the same account as the prior year?

Yes, we need an updated form and voided check each year for auditing purposes.

Does EKC provide snow day care?

Yes, care is provided at Skyline Elementary, 400 S. 210th Street, from 8 AM – 5:30 PM. The fee for snow days is $35 for the first child and $30 for each additional child. Don’t forget to send a sack lunch and drink with your child. If a snow day occurs, we do not refund normal daily tuition. If we are unable to open due to extremely severe weather we will post it on KETV, WOWT, FOX, KMTV, Facebook, twitter and the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation page.